My name is John-Philip "JP" Johansson. I work as a UI/UX Development Lead, in Stockholm (Sweden).

Software can bring joy to both users and developers. Some projects that brought joy are in my portfolio.

Drawing of me


I have a BSc in Computer Engineering, Real-Time Systems, and an unfinished MSc in Computer Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction. Both from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and I did a year in Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

During and after my studies I was involved with Swedish Game Awards 2004-2009.

I've done some memorably work at

Open Source

I always strive to contribute upstream to I use.

My earliest contribution to open source was to TinyXML, and early on I moved Bootstrap to standardized build scripts (commit).

For Unreal Engine I've contributed to Hazelight's AngelScript fork, and Ben UI's BUIValidator.

I created Angular apiMock when working with unstable dev environments, Translate (with Wikipedia) to get contextural translations, and Fika for my partner to enjoy the Swedish pastry days.

ThumbView, that I created to get native image previews in Windows Explorer for TGA/PNG/etc, while working on my first hobby game, has garnered over 250 000 downloads.


I grew up bicycling and playing soccer, and I did Capoeira back in 1996-1998. Did some Salsa in 2010-2012, but it was when I tried Ju-jutsu in 2014 I found the thing for me. I got my black belt in 2021.

I have mixing it up with Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, and any fun conference I find. I also hold Kickboxing classes at Suginoharyu.

I always learn from others and like to share what I learn. Some talks I've given: