My name is John-Philip "JP" Johansson. I live in Stockholm (Sweden), and work as a UX developer.

Developing solutions is a wonderful thing and I want to spread that love. So I donate monthly to Wikipedia, Khan Academy, EFF, the Internet Archive, and Kiva.

I have six main passions in life (not counting people):

Drawing of me


I love reading. It can be books, articles, or even ads on the subway (I hate ads, but I like to get a feel of trends). I try to read 40 books a year, but I cheat by inluding audiobooks and graphic novels (or comics with over 500 pages).

It's hard to say what's my favourite book of all time, but the ones that got me started are Swedish ones when I was in my teens. I read pretty much all Bert's Dagböcker, and later I read Jan Guillou's Ondskan and the Templar-books.

You can follow my reading on GoodReads.


I love coding, and am always working on some hobby project. My latest hobby projects are npmAlerts, Angular apiMock, Translate (with Wikipedia), and Fotbollskalendern.

My earliest contribution to open source was to TinyXML, remember that one? Lately I'm mostly on Github and am a proud over the fact that I did the Grunt-integration for Bootstrap (commit). My most popular project is ThumbView, with over 250 000 downloads.

You can follow my coding on Github.


Thanks to the inspiration of great friends and teachers, I've started giving talks and mentorships. I try to organize various activities where learning is the focus. Some of these activities are completely on my spare time, like these talks I've given:

You can follow my thoughts on my blog, Twitter, and Slideshare.


I have a BSc in Computer Engineering, Real-Time Systems, and an unfinished MSc in Computer Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction. All from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Although I did a year in Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

I've had summer jobs and the like for as long as I was legally allowed to work, but my "career" started in 2007 when I founded my own company and worked as a freelancer.

In 2009 I decided to stop running everything myself and joined a company. Since then I've moved around a bit and I'm currently UX Developer Lead at Avanade.

You can follow my career on LinkedIn and Careers 2.0.


On my spare time I usually do one of the above activities, but I do like to play video games from time to time. Mostly on my Xbox 360 (not sure if I'll get the One) on my home cinema, but sometimes the game I want to play is only on PC so then I prefer Steam.

I love games and I was blessed with the opportunity to work on the great Mirror's Edge, by EA DICE, in 2007-2008.

If I would pick my favourite all-time games it would probably be Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment. I hope for a return to those days so that's why I love Kickstarter.

You can follow my gaming on Raptr and Steam. Also checkout out the games I back on Kickstarter.


Some people say I never relax, but I do. I just do it intensely, like sleeping. Like my late dad always said...

If you're going to do something then do it properly.


I like to try different things. I have tried most ball-sports, but recently I have tried Salsa, painting Warhammer figurines, and now I'm practicing sketching. So far my favourite sport has been Capoeira.

You can follow my relaxing on... actually, no, you can't. Yet.